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TEN Worldwide is an educational training program that is open to ALL dance ministers (from no experience to the curious ones or those with years of experience and training).  TEN is literally a ‘Worldwide Movement; in its first year, there were 150 graduates and in 2013 we graduated 525 graduates around the world.

The Eagles Network (TEN) is a network that provides Biblical education and dance technique training for Christian Dance Ministers. The purpose of TEN is simple: to train, equip and educate those called to the ministry of dance.  TEN is under the Apostolic covering of Apostle Pamela Hardy, founder of EITI.

TEN is a five-module, bi-monthly training program that occurs over a ten-month time period. Each module lasts four hours (two (2) hours theological study and two (2) hours technique study). The theological component is focused on building the biblical understanding of the dance minister while the technical component is intended to work on the skill set of the dance minister.

Upon completion of all five modules, participants will receive a certificate of completion, membership to TEN, and connections to the Eagles International Training Institute (EITI), Christian Dance Fellowship (CDF), and the National Liturgical Dance Network (NLDN).

You do not have to be part of a church dance ministry, school or network to join and the cost is very reasonable; what you will gain from TEN will be immeasurable in the Kingdom of God.

You may ask, “How do I become a part of TEN Worldwide?"

  •  If you are an Eagle and either want to host TEN or join the team of a current TEN site in your area, please CLICK HERE!


Prophetess Katrina Carter,

TEN Worldwide Director



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Prophetess Katrina Carter
TEN Team Director
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