Prophetic Psalmist

Eagles International School of the Prophetic Psalmist Course

The Eagles International School of the Prophetic Psalmist Course is purposed to prophetically train, activate, then release worship ministers, singers, musicians, rappers, poets, sound makers as well as those who do not yet know they have a voice. It is a 9 month, intense, in-depth training program for ministers of sound who desire to go to the next level in their ministry and grow in their relationship with our Lord Jesus.

Prophetess Melone Cook will conduct the course.

The Prophetic Psalmist course is designed to give you one on one mentoring and guidance in such areas as:

  • Addressing your Fears
  • Having No Pride
  • Removing Stereotypes of What a Vocalist Is
  • Developing Good Leadership Skills as a Listener to God’s Voice
  • Prophetic Songs
  • Impacting your Region with Sound


  1. To provide a solid biblical theology in both power and practice.
  2. To impart the gifts and anointing of the Holy Spirit.
  3. To share wisdom, experience and a working knowledge of the ministry of Jesus Christ..
  4. To help students understand their calling and destiny in hearing God’s voice.
  5. To help and encourage them to walk into that destiny of releasing the SOUND of God!

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