New Testament Studies

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New Testament Studies Course

Take a journey in the Word through a study of the New Testament! This course will render you the keys to unlock the doors to understanding the New Testament through a look into the Gospels, the book of Acts, the ministry and letters of Paul, and more. Purpose yourself to grow deeper in the wisdom and knowledge of our Lord.

Apostle Scheherazade Daniels will conduct the course.


Month 1: God and the New Covenant/ Introduction to the Gospels

Month 2: The Gospel of Matthew

Month 3: The Gospel of Mark

Month 4: The Gospel of Luke

Month 5: The Gospel of John

Month 6: The Book of Acts

Month 7: The Writings of Paul, Part 1

Month 8: The Writings of Paul, Part 2

Month 9: The Writings of Paul, Part 3

Month 10: The General Letters

Month 11: The Book of Revelation


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