Eagles International Pageantry Course

The Eagles International Pageantry Course is a eleven month in-depth study of all aspects and components that will assist the movement minister in developing effective and powerful processionals. You will study both the biblical and practical side plus gain a deeper understanding of using and utilizing processionals, pageantry and worship tools in your movement ministry. You will study the significance of movement in the Old and New Testament. You will have practicums that will enrich your relationship with and presentation to the Father.

Eagle Kina Arnold will be the instructor. She is a graduate of the Eagles International Training Institute Dance Year 1 course under the mentorship of Dr. Pamela Hardy of Set Free Ministries in Plano, Texas.

We want to be students of God’s Word and continue to grow in Him.  God is expecting a return on His investment in our lives and we want to be well equipped to change the world and advance the Kingdom.

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