Eagles International Drama Course

The Eagles International Drama Institute (EIDI) is an eleven-month course in which you will learn all aspects and components that will assist you in developing effective and powerful dramatic productions while incorporating various other forms of Christian Arts Ministry. You will study both the biblical and practical side of dramatic arts to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

You will also learn how to put on an entire dramatic productions effectively from script development, production, cast selection and individual stage presence development. By gaining a deeper understanding of biblical principles and evangelism using the ministry of arts, you will propel your drama ministry and congregation to a deeper level of Holiness in worship as the presence of the Lord is lifted up.

Eagle Apostle Regina Stevenson will be the interim instructor of the course. She is a graduate of the EITI course for Dance Ministers under the mentorship of Dr. Pamela Hardy of Set Free Ministries in Plano, Texas.


To give you one on one mentoring and guidance in such areas as:

• The Theology of Drama
• Principles of Drama
• Problem Solving
• Developing Good Leadership Skills
• Teaching Methodology

To request an application packet and to enroll, please send an email to eitidrama@eaglesiti.org.

Apostle Regina Steveson
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