Choregeo (Dance Leaders Network)

Eagles International Training Course


(for Dance Leaders)

The Eagles International Training Course- Choregeo is a network for Church Dance Ministry Leaders who have been given the assignment to lead and develop their church dance ministries. Liturgical dance in our churches is ever increasing and the ultimate desire is that our dance leaders in this important role are trained, equipped and mindful of God to influence, equip, and train the ministry in which they have been called to Lead.

Choregeo is a Greek word meaning "to be a dance leader" or "one who will supply and furnish abundantly". As we give God our best to glorify Him, HE will supply all we need to complete our God given assignments.

Eagle Janine Dailey will conduct the course and network. She is a graduate of the Eagles International Training Course Dance Year 1 under the mentorship of Apostle Dr. Pamela Hardy of Set Fee Ministries in Plano, Texas.


To provide training and networking opportunities to church dance ministry leaders who are anointed, passionate and seeking to impact the worship    experience    in    their churches by leading, developing and producing spiritually    sound    and    emotionally    healthy dance ministries.

The network operates from a triple braided cord approach: Equip, Develop, Support. “One standing alone can be attacked and defeated, but two can stand back-to-back and conquer; three is even better, for a triple-braided cord is not easily broken” (Ecclesiastes 4:12.)  

1st Cord:

An eleven-month training program specifically designed for Church Dance ministry Leaders with such topics as:

  • Being Called as a Leader in the Ministry of Dance
  • Biblical Foundations of Leadership.
  • Ministry Assessment
  • Know YOUR Church.
  • Dealing with and Resolving Conflict.
  • Developing Choreography for Dance Ministers with Multiple Skill Levels.

2nd Cord:

Participants will have access to ongoing training, development and support including:

  • Special resources
  • Trainings and workshops
  • Internationally recognized speakers, teachers and choreographers
  • Dance ministries and leaders from around the world
  • Inter-generational, -ethnic, -racial, and -cultural dance ministers
  • Prayer line
  • Call-in line for support

3rd Cord:

Trained Choregeo Liaisons will be available to provide direct assistance and mentoring to dance ministry leaders on an as needed basis within their respective communities.

To request an application packet and to enroll in the Choregeo course, please send an email to


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