Eagles International Authors Course

If you're ready to write the vision plainly, join instructor Author Kimberly Lock in the Eagle International Authors Course. This online course will explore spiritual strategies for producing one of the greatest stories untold (your story) which aligns with the structure of THE Greatest Book EVER written (The Bible).

Author Kimberly Lock is the Founder of KRL Publishing, LLC, an independent book publishing company, and the author of Shut Up & Sit Down and Who You Callin' Silly, among numerous magazine articles.

Topics of course study include:

  • The Beginning
  • Breaking the Yoke: Failure, Fear, and Procrastination
  • Breaking the Habits
  • and more...

At the conclusion of the course, you will:

  • Receive invaluable and resourceful information regarding the business of authorship.
  • Have your completed manuscript converted into a published book.
  • Have the opportunity to introduce your book at an international book expo.

To receive an application packet and to enroll, please send an email to

Author Kimberly Lock

Eagle Tonya McClure