EITI Missions

The Eagles International Training Institute

believes in supporting missions.

Eagles, let’s join together and change the world.  Remember, giving just $10 a month can feed an entire family in Ecuador, Israel or Haiti. It is reported that at giving only $10 a month can feed an entire family of four (4) for a week, providing them with three (3) meals per day.

Read about the missions below and let’s be a part of what God is doing in the earth! Just $10 a month will make a difference in these ministries.


Help support any of the 4 ministries!

Make your check or money order out to either of the following:

1.**NEW** Iris Ministries (Sudan)

Click on the following link to see a video of children singing an original worship song written in the local Arabic. The ministry is in the bush – no running water, no electricity, yet she labors there for the kingdom.

Iris Ministries

Make checks payable to: Iris Ministries

2. Pure In Heart Foundation (Ecuador)

Make check payable to: Pure In Heart Foundation
Tambo 2

3. Martin and Norma Sarvis (Israel)

Make check payable to: GOZI

4. Mikhael & Orit Murnane (Israel)- Those who went with me to Israel met Mikhael Murnane and his wife Orit. They are doing a great work in the land. If we join together and give, we can make a different there also.

Make check payable to: Inreach Missions

5. Eleanor Workman (Haiti)

Make check payable to: Christian Haitian Outreach

You may send your donations two (2) ways:

Please mail your checks to:


EITI Missions

P.O. Box 756


Farmington, MI 48332-0756



Please send money thru Paypal at:

— Go to www.paypal.com

— Click “Send Money”

— Send money to email address ydickerson1@gmail.com

— Enter your payment information

Be sure to include in comments “EITI Missions for _______” (the mission of your choice).

— Click “SEND MONEY”


*Please mail your missions donation check before the 15th of each month.